Available Grants

Community Partnership Grant

The Arc of Weld County (The AWC) has established a scholarship fund to assist its members in accessing needed services for individuals with IDD.  The scholarship budget is limited, therefore, scholarship awards within any category will not exceed $500.  We realize we are unable to meet all of the needs of our members; however, we hope to make a difference.

Scholarship Categories:

Education:  Scholarships are available for assistance with educational items that directly benefit individuals with IDD, such as seminars, conferences, and educational software and apps.  Scholarship applications for educational items must include detailed information on the item(s) to be purchased or the conference or seminar to be attended.  In the case of seminars and conferences, should the event be cancelled or otherwise refunded, all scholarship funds must be returned to The AWC immediately upon receipt. School tuition and school supplies are not eligible for scholarship funding.

Medical:  Scholarships are available for medical services and equipment for individuals with IDD, such as medical treatment, private/home care, specialty foods and/or medical equipment.  Funding is not available for payment of insurance premiums.  When applicable, applicants must provide information to ascertain they type of insurance carried, type of payment required by the applicant, and whether the applicant is receiving funding from other sources.  Home improvements or modifications are not eligible for scholarship funding.

Recreation:  Scholarships are available for assistance with recreational services and equipment that directly benefit individuals with IDD, such as camp, athletic activities, swimming lessons and/or recreational equipment.  Large trampolines are not eligible for scholarship funding.

Scholarship Application Process:

To qualify for scholarship funding, the applicant and/or family member with IDD must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a confirmed IDD diagnosis
  • Reside in The AWC service region including Weld, Morgan, Logan, Sedgwick, Phillips, Washington or Yuma counties
  • Been a member of The AWC for at least two years prior to the application submission

Please complete the scholarship application in its entirety with detailed information as to the benefit or need of the request for the individual with IDD.  All information is very useful in the evaluation of the request.  All scholarship applications are reviewed by The AWC Scholarship Committee at the beginning of each month. Applications must be received by the 25th of each month to be considered for review the following month. If scholarship applications are received after 5pm on the 25th, such applications will be tabled for review. Scholarship application responses will be provided no later than the last week of the month of review.

Only one application may be submitted per year per individual with IDD.  Should funds be requested for more than one individual with IDD in the same family per year, the receipts must identify which individual the expenses are intended to support, the purpose and the payee. Scholarship requests for items that considered accessible for the entire family and does not significantly directly support the individual with IDD will not be considered.

Priority will be given to applicants who have not applied for and received funding in the last 12 months. Consideration will also be given to whether the applicant is receiving funding from other sources for the request.

No prepayment of funds will be authorized. Payment will be either reimbursement with proof of payment or payment made directly to the service provider or vendor.  Payment receipts will be required.

Disclaimer:  The AWC is pleased to provide scholarships awards to its membership, however, scholarship funding is not guaranteed year to year and is limited based upon agency budgetary restrictions.  The AWC Board of Directors may restrict scholarship funding at any time.  Please note The AWC scholarship fund is subject to change at any time. Therefore, please review the contents of this page and the application fully before drafting a submission to ensure your scholarship request qualifies at the time of your submission.

amelia@arcweldcounty.org or 970-353-5219 ext. 104