Information on this resource page is only intended as general summary, The Arc of Weld County does not endorse any of the resources listed.  This page is continuously updated.  We will make every effort to keep this site current.

What is COVID-19

Plain-Language Guide explaining COVID-19, by and for People with Disabilities

Thank you to the Green Mountain Self-Advocates, a partner of the Self Advocacy Resource & Technical Assistance Center (SARTAC) for putting together this resource!

Stay Updated 




Where Can I get Vaccinated?

The Basics about COVID 19 Vaccines

Vaccine Form Link

Vaccine: Frequently asked questions – FAQs

Vaccine Info for Providers


How to Disinfect  Groceries/ Takeout Food


Internet and Utilities


  • CenturyLink will waive late fees and will not terminate residential or small business customer’s service for the next 60 days due to financial circumstances associated with COVID-19.


  • Comcast will provide 60 days for free internet for new families. How to access free 60 days internet essentials: To receive the increased Internet speeds, existing customers will not need to do anything.  The new speeds will be rolled out nationally over the next few days. (There are also two dedicated phone numbers 1-855-846-8376 for English and 1-855-765-6995 for Spanish) We’ll send all new customers a free self-install kit that includes a cable modem with a Wi-Fi router. There will be no term contract or credit check and no shipping fee. To sign up, applicants can simply visit  This is an accessible website also includes the option to video chat with customer service agents in American Sign Language.

Xcel Energy


Health and Wellness

Medical Care through TELEHEALTH   

In response to the growing COVID-19 in our state, Clinica Colorado is offering VIRTUAL visits by phone or video call. The visits are $10, and this service allows patients to receive care while maintaining the safety of all patients, family, staff, and the community. ENTER HERE to schedule an appointment.

If you have Health First Colorado (Medicaid) or Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) coverage, and believe you require testing for COVID-19, call your primary care provider (PCP) first. If it is determined that a test is warranted, the test will be covered without a co-pay. But again, check with your PCP first. If you don’t know who your PCP is, call the enrollment center at 1-888-367-6557. For more information and FAQs, please

If you do not currently have insurance, have recently lost coverage, or loss of coverage is imminent, please visit the official Colorado healthcare marketplace at 

A special enrollment period has been extended to April 30, 2020. For more information, please visit


Additional Health and Wellness Resources

Keeping Children Busy at Home

Watch out for Scams!

Scammers never let a chance go waste, and sadly, COVID-19 is no different.

If you receive an e-mail, text message, or social media post or message, saying to “Click this link” to collect or pay money, DO NOT click the link. Call the agency or company directly.

Same if you receive a call demanding immediate payment by phone or banking information to “pay you,” DO NOT give it to them. Again, call the agency or company directly.

Bottom line, if you did not start the contact, end the call/text/e-mail and make contact directly with who they are claiming to be from.

DO NOT provide banking, payment, or any other information to an unwanted contact.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Some helpful hints to protect yourself, your family, and your other loved ones:

  • Your bank will NEVER ask for your personal or financial information in a message or call that you did not start.
  • The IRS and other government agencies DO NOT conduct business by text, e-mail, or social media.
    • The only text you may receive is a “Refund Status,” IF you signed up for it.
  • Social Security will NEVER ask you to verify anything in a message or call that you did not start.
  • Anyone, no matter who they claim to be from, that demands payment by gift card is a SCAM!
    • Hang up or ignore immediately and report to the local non-emergency number.
    • Please DO NOT use the 9-1-1 system to report a scam attempt.