• Agency Profile & Authorization

    Please complete and return this form with any attachments within thirty (30) days of the completion date of the scheduled event. No further grant requests from your organization will be considered until this report has been completed and returned
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  • Event Evaluation

    Please answer the following questions on an attached sheet

    1. Give a brief overview of the event(s) including how many people were in attendance. Please include participant survey results or other measurable data that supports the intent of the awarded monies.

    2. How did the event or program address inclusion for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities? Please site specific examples.

    3. Did the event differ in execution from how it was presented in the proposal? If so, how?

    4. What were the successes and challenges you experienced in doing this event?

    5. What were the major benefits of this grant to your organization? To the community?

    6. Please include any quotes or stories of impact from this grant. Please include any relevant photos or videos from the event. Please email any videos and or photos to tiffany@arcweldcounty.org.

    7. Release Forms for photos, videos and interviews are available online.
  • Financial Evaluation

    8. Please attach a detailed line- item financial accounting of the event expenses and include all receipts in an effort to document the expenditures.
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